Friday, February 19, 2010

blood sucking freaks

A true story of a couple of blood sucking freaks...
Within the walls of a scary castle a rock singer is held captive by her tormentor, vampire Baron Pirosky von Kehhler. Ever since she was transformed into a vampire by Pirosky her greatest wish has been to return to Alcochetosky, continue her 2010 Tour and one day become a world class star at the Alcaxe.


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  2. Why she is Unable to resist vampire Pirosky:
    1. Vampires dress well. Vampires are always impeccably dressed, with perfect hair and good skin (though pale). His fashion (and usually black) clothes, showing only his good chest. One of tight pants and a scarf or medallion occasionally complete the look.
    2. Vampires love necks. Women love all the moments before sex. As we all know, men like to get them to the principal. Vampires want to have fun. Particularly around the neck area. The "sweet spot" as it is known in the region of the coffins. They know how to start gently and quietly and then play strong ... enough to draw blood.
    3. Vampires are romantic. It is clear that they know how to let a woman in love. The environment is always dark and mysterious and the atmosphere is right. The full moon seems to follow them wherever they go. One of the reasons why women love vampires is that they know how to make the setting look just right.
    4. Vampires are important bad guys. Women like bad guys .. He lives in accordance with its rules, wear fine clothes and is hated by millions of people. He is the man upon whom her mother to prevent.
    END: Now, mix the fact that a vampire look for Eternal Love and need a woman to survive ... She found the formula for happiness!

  3. FYI...... For her, Flavinha got a Wolfman!!!!!